How we do it​

Our working method and vision

Good preparations gives you a competitive edge on the future
J. Terwijn
Marketing & Branding strategist


Our strategy team helps companies grow in a digital world that changes every day. And the speed of that change is high. Our team knows what it takes to keep you afloat in this world, navigate through it flawlessly, keep the company in shape and how to seize new opportunities, but also how to create them yourself.


Our creative team creates, maintains, develops and changes brands. Brands that can and do survive in a changing world. Brands that exceed the high expectations of their audience and live up to their social responsibility. Brands that don't just look like they're moving with the times, they're actually doing so.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team is ready every day to support brands and companies in achieving their goals and grow their business or brand. We do this by smart use of data. We reach that target group for your company by using look and feel in all our marketing campaigns. Succes is just a click away!

Global Branding Online has invented the name Groeneweg TUINEN for us as a "brand name" with the matching slogan "Feel good at home - GREENWEG TUINEN - coming home, feel at home"
Jung introduced videomarketing to us in 2012. Only the best and most flexible team could make this work. We could not miss any flight time when filming. Global Branding Online made this all possible thanks to their highly, professional and flexible work mindset.
T. Moskaya
Marketing Director

Looking at the world through the eyes of your customer, opens the world to your company