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Online plays a very important role when buying a car. 93% of the consumers start their purchase journey online. Consumers search in search engines, compare models and prices, read reviews and literally know what is for sale in the country. Consumers are willing to travel all over the country looking for the perfect car. Previously, the consumer visited the physical showroom before buying a car on average 4 times, now this share has dropped to 1.5 to 2.5 times* in 2019.

Automotive Marketing plays an important role in the communication between you and your customer. Automotive Marketing is the collective term. Under Automotive Marketing is actually everything that has to do with the online running of promotional campaigns. Automotive Marketing is therefore used as the proud business card of the entrepreneur. Automotive Marketing brings you clearly in touch with the target group that is looking for their perfect dream car. 

Automotive Marketing & Branding for car dealers, traders and garages

The online showroom is currently the most visited showroom in the automotive industry. This will only increase because of the use of Automotive Marketing in the coming years with a new generation of buyers and new forms of mobility.

The customer journey not only starts online with Automotive Marketing, but also increasingly gets a sequel for related services. Think of leasing, financing and after-sales, parts, maintenance, etc. Insight and experience in the customer journey is an essential part of this Automotive Marketing. The look and feel must perfectly match the customer’s expectations.

In the old world we had the so-called ‘first moment of truth’, the first moment of contact between customer and dealer. This has changed to a ‘zero moment of truth’. The potential customer has already been in contact with you in many ways, but has not yet made himself known. The customer contacts you if the feeling is right! This is what Automotive Marketing and Branding is all about.

In short: as a car dealer, garage and car dealers it is extremely important to think of online Automotive Marketing and Branding for the perfect interaction between you and your customers.