Get to know our marketeers

Jung is born in 1985 and has more than 10 years of experience in the (online) marketing world. After his study marketing & communication he worked for several international companies before he started as an entrepreneur. Jung travels around the world to visit business partners and customers where Global Branding Online works for in the USA and Europe. He is the brain behind the concepts and slogans he creates with the team and is experienced with SEO, SEA, SEM, SMM. Video marketing is the future according to him. Jung will be the first contact person and coordinator of the future projects.
J. Terwijn
Marketing & Branding concept strategist
Since 2013 Tim creates wonderful stories for companies and organisations who wants to tell something beautiful. Every company has a unique story and Tim likes to translate it into a well-functioning video that reaches exactly your target group. With 6 years of experience Tim totally understands the reality between the messenger (company) and receiver (customer) and translate it into a real storytelling actual video. Tim has experience as camerman, director and producer and will personally be filming at location wherever he needs to be on location. .
Tim Oudshoorn
Videomarketing strategist
Marick is 23 years old and graduated professional graphic designer. He is also a photographer and instructor and web developer. Marick is an all-rounder. He uses his experience from the automotive world at on a daily basis to grow further with his ambitions. You have personal digital contact with him when it comes to the development of, for example, your corporate identity or the layout of your brochure. You help each other. That's what he loves about his work. Happy faces!
Marick Klop
Graphic Designer and social marketeer